It’s YOUR call…

Although removed from New York State budget negotiations, the provision to eliminate the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) cap was reconstituted into Senate Bill 6760.
This bill passed the Senate Rules Committee as of May 7th and is currently on the floor calendar. Should the bill pass the Senate, the FAR cap would be lifted from the current 12 FAR limit, and open the potential for even denser structures.
Read  HERE for further background.

What can you do? 

Reach out to the State Senators who support this dangerous bill!  A full list of the eleven senators who voted in favor, and those six senators who voted in favor with reservations can be found HERE.  We have provided Albany and District office phone numbers (call volume has impact!) as well as email addresses (a more efficient option) — better yet, do both.  Contact each senator’s office! 
– Tell them you disagree with their position on this bill, and hope they reconsider before it comes to the full Senate floor.
– Explain that increasing the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) would yield larger buildings further stressing the community–more garbage to collect, more vehicles to park, more students to educate, more riders to squeeze into non-arriving subway cars.
– Maintaining the limitations as they currently exist would better ensure services keep pace with demand. The larger, often aesthetically-challenged structures that would result from a passed State Bill 6760 would block out limited light and views and harm our established neighborhoods.
We need to ensure a responsible balance!

If all else fails…

Click your ‘NAY’ vote of disapproval on the bill’s page in the blue “do you support this legislation?” box on the right.  Protect your skyline!



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