LW! Board member Jeffrey Kroessler has a terrific op-ed in yesterday’s Daily News: 

Wrecking crane moves in for kill on the Morosco Theater at W. 45th St. in 1982

Image: Clarence Davis

“Historic preservation saved New York City: 50 years after the passages of a landmark law, celebrate its legacy”

Treat yourself to a full read.  Here’s an especially meaty excerpt, which follows an inventory of good things historic preservation has done New York City:

“Today, the city takes for granted the benefits of preservation while refusing to embrace it. Critical voices find a more receptive audience in both city government and among the general public, creating an odd alliance of builders favoring untrammeled development and progressives seeking to advance desired social ends.

“But the protection of historic parts of the city is not a quaint idea with no value in the present.”

Bravo, Jeff!
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