LANDMARK WEST! saw its name (and those of its staffers!) in the press on a variety of fronts today.  Read on to learn more!

LW! Walking Tour App
Since launching the Upper West Side’s FIRST EVER walking tour iPhone app back in December 2010, we haven’t stopped talking about how much we love this app!  Today, we got a little boost from our friends at CurbedNY, and a new acquaintance, Village Agent.  Each of these blogs gave a shout out.  And thanks, CurbedNY, for twice noting the most important thing … IT’S FREE!  Check it out now.  And for an even tastier reason to download the app, take a look at our app restaurant map!

Love Your Landmark
Friendly reporter Leslie Albrecht with hyper-local news site helped us to share the love of our Love Your Landmark project!  “Who knows, someone could take a picture of an interesting building or site that’s been an unknown treasure,” said LW’s Cristiana Pena.  It could be you!  Get your sign, and give cupid a run for his money!  It’s so easy; learn more here!  For Leslie’s full article, click here.

Landmarks Commission Rules Amendments
Could proposed amendments to the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s Rules take “an important layer of transparency and public input out of the process” of landmark stewardship?  LW’s Kate Wood spoke with DNAInfo’s Jill Colvin about the transferring discretion from the hands of the eleven professional experts who sit on the Commission to those of the Commission’s overworked (and underfunded) staff.  What could that mean for the city’s thousands of landmark protected sites?  For the full reportage, click here.  To read a copy of LW’s recently-submitted statement on these proposed amendments, click here!
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