In order to better serve NYC’s recovery, the LPC launched a new initiative this summer called “Business Express“.  Occurring the THIRD THURSDAY of every month, business owners can now set up consultations with LPC staff for added guidance through their applications.  They can get a quick tutorial on what materials might be expected of them for a given potential project scope and have an informed discussion with the people who review and prepare many of the permits themselves! 

They have a dedicated HOTLINE: (646) 202-3938 and in general, the LPC staff can guide applicants through a variety of work types businesses may encounter from accommodating barrier-free access to basic store signage.  

For work related to “commercial stores, restaurants, and offices at first or second floors and basements” they can review a range of interior work, sidewalks, (including vault lights or hatches), minor restoration (repainting, cleaning, repointing etc.), health, safety and utility equipment (security cameras and light fixtures), storefronts including windows and doors, and awnings

The next open office hours are THIS THURSDAY, from 9 am to 5 pm.  If interested, please SIGN UP to reserve your slot.   

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