Image Courtesy New York Daily News

In a letter dated January 10, the entire Manhattan Delegation of the City Council call upon Marisa Lago, Director of the Department of City Planning and Rick Chandler, the out-going Commissioner of the Department of buildings to prepare “immediate action” toward closing loopholes that are undermining the intent of the Zoning Resolution.” Among the issues at stake are the abuse of gerrymandered lots, excessive floor-to-floor heights, and mechanical voids, which we have been challenging for years.

Rightly so, the delegation identifies that “There is a recent trend within as-of-right, high-density, non-contextual districts wherein developers, together with architects and designers, are using new tactics to create extraordinarily tall buildings in order to maximize upper floor views and therefore revenue.”

We applaud the actions of the Manhattan Delegation and call upon Director Lago and Commissioner Chandler for a formal response!  Thank your elected official for their strong stance in supporting your neighborhood and read the full letter HERE.

Featured Image and Thumbnail Image courtesy New York Daily News. 


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