My name is Jennifer Perez and I recently completed my junior year at the Williamsburg High School for Architecture & Design (WHSAD). This school has developed my passion for architecture and interior design even more than I thought possible. I’ve learned how to design buildings, playgrounds, neighborhoods, etc in AutoCAD, what damages buildings and what you can do to restore it without ruining the character of the building. Since I was a kid, the thought of having an idea and bringing it to life by designing it on paper and having it built over time fascinated me. The way buildings look both the exterior and the interior have always caught my attention.When I hear about buildings that have significant histories being demolished or changed; it gets me thinking,” Why would they want to get rid of something so meaningful that makes New York City so special?” We should appreciate all the buildings, rather than just the flashy ones. 

When I came upon the opportunity to intern with an organization that preserves historic buildings and fights to protect them as Landmarks, I right away took the chance. I am excited to be able to experience the process to fight for the landmarks and what occurs during the process. What I hope to experience on this internship with Landmark West! is to be able to learn from the people I’ll be working with and learn more about significant buildings on the Upper West Side, what has been happening to them over time, and what LW! does to keep these buildings landmarked and protected from being destroyed. I intend to help save buildings that should be landmarks during this internship and hope to pass down my ideas or views of certain things to my fellow co-workers that may help them in the future.
Just like Ezra Pound said,” A real building is one on which the eye can light and stay lit,” meaning real architecture is buildings or structures that catch one’s attention and still catch it no matter how old it is. The building or structure should last a long period of time and eventually become significant to its neighborhood. This is what LW! is well known for: protecting buildings that catch one’s attention and fighting for their right to become landmarks.Architecture is something people should value more, they’re not just buildings we live in or work in, they have history and meaning.One may only notice this if they actually sit down and read and realize what architecture does for us and what it has to offer but yet many are too busy to even do that. That’s why people like us who are interested should help others who are not aware to join the fight to help preserve buildings and make them into landmarks rather than an empty space or dust of history.

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