In an article that a commenter noted “should take him [Mayor Bill deBlasio] off his high horse”, today’s Wall Street Journal posts Effort to Ban Carriage Horses Probed which outlines some of the investigations into the money trail funding the Mayor’s election efforts.  His administration has come under repeated scrutiny due to questionable administrative moves from handling the NYPD and campaign fundraising which seem to run counter to his “middle-class” platform that he was elected upon.  One salient issue is his attempt to spend $25 million in public funds to privatize an in-use parks facility contributing to the Central Park Scenic Landmark for 75 for-profit horses, (who are already housed) amidst one of the most severe homelessness epidemics in recent memory. Rest assured, the mayor’s spokeswoman, Karen Hinton claims ‘Mayor de Blasio holds his administration to the highest standards of integrity’  so at least there’s that. Read the full WSJ article HERE and catch up on our Carriage Horse coverage HERE.

ALSO, Note this NY1 segment where Josh Robin reports on his efforts to pursue a Freedom of Information Law request about the Carriage Horses with City Hall.  Article and segment HERE.

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