On the heels of Politico’s report on the new record death statistics from 2016, far surpassing recent years, the DAILY NEWS has an exclusive report on Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen and her misaligned priorities in handling the homelessness crisis.  Considered at its highest incidence since during the Great Depression of the 1930’s one would think the City would aim to respond to the needs of the homeless masses.

According to the Daily News, a letter to Mayor de Blasio from homeless advocates claims Glen chose to facilitate the ‘real-estate elite, her long-time friends from Goldman Sachs, to make massive profits while refusing to help New Yorkers who are sleeping on the streets’.

de Blasio’s newly-released budget, barely a day old, allocates $250 for homeless needs–as defined by the POST one of a cadre of issues sharing a $690M pot but that were for ‘”new needs” identified in just the past two months”.  Whether the issue arose in just the past two months or has been going on for longer may just be the inconvenient reality of “alternative facts”.

New Yorkers have been hosed!  Get our homeless housed!

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