GOTHAMIST picks up where it left off last week in its expose on the City Planning Commission’s Zoning Text Amendment.  Journalist Elizabeth Kim notes that although this language may impact the design of 36 West 66th Street, to revise “the design of a 160-foot tall mechanical void”, LW! colleagues FRIENDS of the Upper East Side Historic Districts may not be as fortunate.  Kim highlights some milestones from the months long scrimmage FRIENDS has had with the City and the Developer to combat stilts a la designs of Hanna

Unlike Extell’s development, the plan for 249 East 62nd Street calls for “outdoor space” along with “structural outriggers,” according to the DOB. In a statement to Gothamist last week, the agency said that the design had precedent in other buildings, citing the Citicorp Building at 601 Lexington Avenue as an example. The base of that building has been described as being on stilts.

Despite over a year of study for the CPC’s text, the impact will be minimal at best.  Read the full ARTICLE HERE.

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