Bethesda Terrace

From the formality of pony prancing c. 1930s (thanks again, Bruce S.!), we move on to the short-shorts and tall socks of the 1970s at Bethesda Terrace!

Featuring Bethesda Terrace today is serendipitous, as the site has been at the front of our minds while LW! prepares for Monday morning’s Design Commission review of Cherry Hill.  The 1980s renovation of the Cherry Hill Concourse was directly influenced by the style of nearby Bethesda Terrace.  Read more about Cherry Hill in our May blog post, and stay tuned for updates post-Design Commission!

Visit Bethesda Terrace or one of the other great Central Park locales featured thus far in this blog photo series!  Snap a photo and submit it to see yourself on the blog, too.  Fame and fortune are sure to follow …

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