Rachel H., you’ve been bested.  Little Lila and Isabella, while your lakeside hideaway is enviable, the cuteness factor here is just undeniable.

It’s refreshing to know that even as technology advances and child’s play looks more and more like a feat of engineering excellence, the simple joy of mounting a pony in Central Park and going for a trot is timeless.

Our thanks to Bruce S. for digging deep into his photo albums for this gem.  It’s a nostalgia trifecta: vintage fashion (riding pants! sailor collars!), old-style accordion camera, a landmark (not then, but now!) backdrop of Central Park and Fifth Avenue beyond.

What are you waiting for?  Join with others, like Robert I. and Robin C., and send in your photo(s) of playtime in Central Park!  Our playground map can guide you to new adventures, just waiting to be captured on film.  Submitting is easy, so get out there and play!

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