Summer Family Tour Opportunity!

Follow TWO leaders to history and Pokemon

Architectural historian Tom Miller (The Daytonian in Manhattan)* 
Game designer Amy Kraft (Monkey Spot Scavenger Hunts)** 
Saturday, August 27th, beginning at 1:30 PM
(meeting location confirmed prior to tour)
From cornices and gargoyles to Charmander and Jigglypuff, get in-depth insights to the architectural and social history of iconic Upper West Side Landmarks and follow the Pokestop lures to catch Pokemon along the way!
This augmented-reality afternoon tour is geared towards families and anyone else curious about the “scavenger hunt” game app sweeping the nation…and our landmarks!
Key stops include many featured in the LANDMARK WEST! Walking Tour App for iPhones – download it today and continue the architectural journey 24/7.
*Tom Miller, aka The Daytonian in Manhattan updates his blog with six new buildings a week (every Tuesday is an UWS site!).  To-date he has over 2,000 entries covering the intricacies of  old New York, and unveiling what still remains.
**Amy Kraft is the cofounder of Monkey Bar Collective, a game design company and creator of the app Monkey Spot Scavenger Hunts, and an avid Pokemon Go player who can help you play and learn more about the game.
Space is LIMITED – reservations and advance payment required 
A PAIR of TICKETS (Parent and Child) are $15
PACKAGE TICKETS for a Family of Four are $25
If you are new to Pokemon Go, in order to play along,
please download the game and set up a game log in before the tour!
For more information, please contact:
NEW YORK, NY 10023
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