On Wednesday, May 26th, LANDMARK WEST! and a group of our nearest and dearest set off for an adventure aboard the historic, National Register-listed John J. Harvey fireboat!  The sun set, the full moon rose, a sister fireboat spouted a patriotic water show … all on cue!

Seeing New York from the water reminds us of how important it is to step back occasionally, admire, critique and reflect.  Significant birthdays do that, too. 

So, in the spirit of LANDMARK WEST’s 25th anniversary this year, let us pause for a moment and congratulate one another on a job well done … so far.

Tremendous thanks also to …

Huntley Gill, John J. Harvey captain, West Sider and dear friend of LW!.  Our harbor adventure was a birthday gift from Huntley to the LW! family!  What a generous treat!  To learn more about the John J. Harvey and their team’s great work, visit www.fireboat.org.
Fairway Market
, for donating the delicious organic strawberries.
Rachel Simon Holzman
, baker extraordinaire, for the sweet treats.

Relive this magical evening with our Flickr photo album.

Happy Memorial Day!


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