It is always hard to lose an icon, a ground source of creativity and inspiration. Such was the feeling this week when the City lost Milton Glaser: artist, illustrator, founder of New York Magazine and famed graphic designer behind the “I ♥ NY” logo.  Glaser was a long-time Upper West Side resident, living on W. 67th Street in the glorious Hotel des Artistes for many years. Also on W. 67th Street back in the mid-1980’s? Landmark West, a non-profit in need of a logo.  The great Milton Glaser provided the perfect “W” for this scrappy protector of the Best of the West.  As LW’s 35th anniversary approached, we reached out to thank Mr. Glaser for this lasting gift.  He replied in February:

It’s many years since I designed your identity and it is wonderful to note that the organization has done so well, and is so well thought of. It is a great pleasure to see the work that you’ve done as a designer has survived and influenced the public in a positive way.  All good wishes, Milton

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