Check, and Check! The New York Landmarks Conservancy has released its position on two Upper West Side items, both calendared with upcoming LPC hearing dates.

Regarding the IRT Powerhouse, which will be heard on Thursday, November 5th, the Conservancy reminds us how Stanford White’s work serves as a “reminder of the great pride that cities can take in their own achievements” and further, recognizes this largely intact civic structure as “a soaring tribute to the urban experience”.

As for Robert Gibson’s St. Michael’s Episcopal Church Complex, which will be heard on Thursday, November 12th, the Conservancy recognizes the parish as excellent stewards of their three-building complex and cites the LPC’s recent history: “The commission has consulted closely with the leadership of St. Michael’s on its development plans over the last decade, and has held off on designation of the church complex, pending the completion of these plans.  However, this designation has now languished for 35 years; it is time to designated this significant church complex.”

We at Landmark West! couldn’t agree more!

We thank the Conservancy for its stance on these two items and its continued support of New York City landmarks- those already designated and those which are deserving.

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