On February 23rd, Attorney Michael Hiller of Hiller, PC argued against the City and Developer on behalf of the Landmark  clocktower at 346 Broadway that was designated an Interior Landmark in 1987.  The moment, captured here by sketch artist Christine Cornell depicts Hiller at a podium in the first floor of the Appellate Division Courthouse, itself designated an Interior Landmark in 1981.  In a city of over 1 million buildings (by the Department of Buildings estimate), there are only 118 landmarks, so the synergy between the subject matter and the case is particularly poignant for the Preservation Community.  While the judges deliberate, there is no timeline for the next step in the matter.  Currently, the designated interior landmark remains inaccessible.  Click the linked designation reports to read about their significance or catch up on CURBED about the full clocktower saga, and how the City of New York sold this public asset to developers.

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