Earlier this month, we reported on plans moving forward for the iconic Tavern on the Green restaurant in Central Park.  Since then, the action has moved from the field to the hearing room.
The City’s multi-agency team and contracted architects have shopped their proposal for what is being termed the “shell and core” restoration of the building before Community Boards (including the West Side’s own CB7 Preservation Committee, on February 9th) and, on Tuesday, the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC).

Along with preservation colleagues like the Historic Districts Council (HDC) and Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts (connect with them here and here), LW! took to the podium before the LPC.  As we stated in testimony, “[t]he restoration of the Tavern on the Green to its former glory is an incredible contribution to the long history of this site.” We’re thrilled! Alas, “that restoration alone is not ‘enough’ and that an addition is also proposed is predictable” (copy our statement available here).
A glass pavilion has been proposed, to rise in the Tavern’s Eastern courtyard, connecting to the historic building where once did the Crystal Room.  Curbed.com provided a glimpse of the final design for said pavilion, posting it to their site at almost the exact time that the LPC review commenced.

Proposed addition for the Tavern on the Green, via Curbed.com.
From LW’s statement to the LPC:
LW! is not opposed to new design at the Tavern on the Green site in principle, but a legendary destination and a handsomely designed building such as this deserves something far more sympathetic; a quietly masterful note of our time. The pavilion proposed is a hefty glass-and-metal box that does nothing but hide what is most exciting about the building’s primary facade: the East-facing central bay.
We’re disappointed to report that the LPC ultimately approved the City’s plan, glass box and all.

Read more from preservation advocates on this issue:
       – Statement of the Historic Districts Council (third project down, listed as “Item 9”)
       – Statement of Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts

*Central Park, home to Tavern on the Green, was the City’s first Scenic Landmark, designated by the LPC in 1974.  Learn more about the park and its history in the designation report. Up until now, and until work on the restoration begins, the Tavern on the Green building has served as a visitor’s center (more here).

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