We’ve asked (and blogged, and Tweeted, and emailed, and Facebook posted [and then repeat!]), and you’ve answered!

We’re three days into our 35-day long Kickstarter online funding campaign, and our iPhone app is $735 (25% funded!) closer to becoming a reality!  Thank you to the backers who today pledged their support!

Kerensa Wood
Lydia Mann
Charles Simon

And we can’t say “thank you” enough to the folks who signed on during the first two days of the project:

Fritz Umbach
Brandi Hayes
Ethel Wood
Francesca Segreti
Wendy Frank
Gordon Ryan
Kate Wood
Pauline Eveillard
Eileen Marzola
David Patterson
Ronnie  Eldridge
Madelon Hambro
Sarah Orlinksy Maitland*

Let’s keep the inspiration going ’round!  Share the project; check back here for updates; keep the pledges coming!

*Mis-spelled in previous blog post.  Apologies!
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