Day Four (and Week One!) comes to a close with our project 28% of the way towards its goal of $3,000!  With two write-ups in local press (DNA Info and the West Side Spirit), that number will only continue to grow!

Three new backers have added their names to the list of those who have found inspiration in our Kickstarter iPhone walking tour app project.  And, more importantly, to the list of people to whom we give our sincerest thanks!  They are:

Lori & Timon Malloy
Hunter Armstrong
Roschel Holland Stearns

As backers, they’ll get regular updates on the project both here and on our extra-special “Update” tab on our Kickstarter project pagePLUS they’re privy to our “Backers Only” update posts.  But it’s still early in the campaign, so here’s a little something for everyone to enjoy and share …

Click here to meet the Office Maracas (yes, you read that correctly).
Thank you again to all of our backers:

Fritz Umbach
Brandi Hayes
Ethel Wood
Francesa Segreti
Wendy Frank
Gordon Ryan
Kate Wood
Pauline Eveillard
Eileen Marzola
David Patterson
Ronnie Eldridge
Madelon Hambro
Sarah Orlinsky Maitland
Kerensa Wood
Lydia Mann
Charles Simon
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