We’ve passed the point of no return (though, did we ever really consider turning back?): $1,760 pledged (that’s 59% of our $3,000 goal) to our Kickstarter campaign to fund the Upper West Side’s first ever iPhone walking tour app.  With twenty five days to go before the campaign ends, the possibilities are endless!  

At LANDMARK WEST!, we’re thrilled that so many people (we’re up to 31 backers!) see this as an opportunity to make a big difference with a modest contribution.  When we said it only takes $1 to make a difference, we meant it!  It all adds up.  And while the big-dollar pledges are tremendous (and generous) votes of confidence in our iPhone app idea, the $5 and $25 pledges are the bread and butter of this campaign.  Please keep the pledges–in any and all amounts–coming, and share the news of our Kickstarter project with your friends.  Your support will encourage others to watch our video, get inspired and follow your lead with a pledge of their own.

Thank you-thank you again to the backers who’ve pledged their support so far (below).  It’s not yet 11AM; let’s see who joins your ranks before the day is out!

Cory Williams
Tom Webee
Walter B. Melvin Architects
Linda R. Safran
Roschel Holland Stearns
Lori & Timon Malloy
Lydia Mann
Sarah Orlinsky Maitland
Ronnie Eldridge
Kate Wood
Wendy Frank
Ethel Wood
Fritz Umbach

Sarah Bradford Landau
Sumit Chachraa
Michael Mandecki
Hunter Armstrong
Charles Simon
Kerensa Wood
Madelon Hambro
David Patterson
Eileen Marzola
Pauline Eveillard
Gordon Ryan
Francesca Segreti
Brandi Hayes

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