All good things must come to an end!  With the summer days coming to an end (Fall will officially be here in less than a month!), we’re looking back and saying thanks to those who pitched in and made Summer 2011 a memorable one!

We bid adieu to one of our dedicated interns, Zack Bunin.  Introduced to us via his mother, a stalwart supporter, frequent volunteer and real estate broker.  Zack has helped us on so many projects, be it general administrative tasks or helping us to prep for upcoming events like the Columbus Avenue Street Fair later this month.  Working with Zack, year after year — indeed, this was his third summer with us! — is always a pleasure.  Below, Zack shares a few words of introduction and reflection:

I am working toward a Math and Economics double major with philosophy and art on the side at the University of Rochester. During my freshman and sophomore years I have learned of the theory of the free market and studied the statistics behind the rhetoric. For the past three summers I have done work at LW!.

A different sort of theory runs here: a sort of communal flavor. It exists regardless of buildings or profits. It is defined by and forms the environment for a complex community. Landmark West! is an idea that has given me the insight to look beyond a façade and into the community.

This aside, the staff is friendly. I have attended meetings and tried some of the self cook lunches on those special occasions. These summer days have been hot but this basement office is always pleasant yet focused.

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