Current Status: Completed

40 Wall Street Vital Stats

Address: 40 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005 (Community Board 1)

Type: Commercial

Name: 40 Wall Street; The Trump Building; Bank of Manhattan

Construction: Begun 1929; Completed 1930

Design Architect: H. Craig Severance

Executive Architect: _

Developer: Bank of Manhattan Trust

Builder: _

Height: 927 feet (283 meters); 72 stories

Total Construction Floor Area: 1,061,286 square feet; 98,597 square meters

Site Area: 34,360 square feet; 3,192 square meters

Filed prior to July 2009, there are no Zoning Diagrams scanned for this project.

Superlatives: Stood as the world’s tallest building from April, 1930 to May 27th, 1930.

Loopholes Exploited:

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Hedge Fund Buyers?

Hedge Fund Buyers?

Gary Stern takes a look at the (sometimes) foreign, but always MEGA money in play buying up New York Real Estate.  In conversation with LW! executive director Sean Khorsandi, and our colleagues at the Greenwich Village Society of Historic Preservation, he asks who are...

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Looking Beyond Midtown

Looking Beyond Midtown

The New York Times has prepared a timely review of Larry Silverstein, lead of Silverstein Properties who celebrated the ribbon cutting of 3 World Trade Center earlier this week.  The lengthy article "Larry Silverstein Flees the 'Old Fogeys' of Midtown" reviews...

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Sean Khorsandi
Executive Director
45 West 67th Street New York, NY 10023

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