326 West 83rd Street


326 West 83rd Street


Date: 1896-1898; 1963 

NB Number: NB 1221-1896

Type:  Flats

Architect:  Feingold, Joseph and Harold C Stone

Developer/Owner/Builder: Joseph E Weed

NYC Landmarks Designation:  Historic District

Landmark Designation Report: Riverside Drive – West End Historic District Extension I

National Register Designation: N/A

Primary Style:  None

Primary Facade:   white brick

Stories: 7

Window Type/Material: Unknown

Structure: Site Features: Non-historic areaway wall, fence, and gate

North Facade: Designed (altered; replaced) Stoop: Altered Porch(es): Removed Door(s): Altered primary door Windows: Altered Security Grilles: Not historic (upper stories) Cornice: Removed Sidewalk Material(s): Concrete Curb Material(s): Stone Areaway Wall/Fence Materials: Non-historic walls and metal fence

South Facade: Not designed (historic, altered) (partially visible) Facade Notes: Red brick, some replaced; spandrels parged; windows altered and replaced; fire escape; corrugated metal frieze

Historic District: Riverside Drive-West End HD Extension I

Alterations: Facade replaced; entrance relocated; windows reconfigured; through-wall air conditioners; fire escape; cornice removed; lights; intercom

History: Built as flats for thirteen families, the building was briefly called the “Gertrude,” possibly for Gertrude H. Hillenbrand who purchased the building in 1906. In 1930, five of the nine households recorded by census enumerators were taking in lodgers and by the 1940s the building was converted into a single room occupancy residence In 1963, architect Joseph Feingold was hired to restore the building to use as an apartment building, it was at this time that the exterior was refaced.  References: “Gertrude Apartments Sold by Operators,” NYT, November 3,1925, 45; NYC, Department of Buildings, Certificates of Occupancy 30287, July 12, 1944, 61689, June 28, 1965, ALT 3958-1939, ALT 1163-1963; “Out in Pajamas, Barefooted,” NYT, February 21, 1911, 20; Office of the Register, New York County, Deeds and Conveyances Liber 116, p. 199 (May 31 1906)

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