43 West 61st Street (Sofia Brothers Warehouse)

43 West 61st Street (Sofia Brothers Warehouse)


Date:  1929-30

Type:  Warehouse

Architect:  Jardine, Hill and Murdock

Landmark Designation Report:  Sofia Brothers Warehouse

NYC Landmarks Designation: Individual Landmark

Primary Style:  Art Deco

Façade (primary material):  Brick

Stories:  24

Window Type:  Twelve-pane sash, one-over-one sash

Alterations:  One-over-one sash windows are replacement windows


Excerpt from LPC designation report of April 12, 1983:

The Art Deco Sofia Brothers Warehouse was designed by the firm of Jardine, Hill & Mudock as one of two Kent Automatic Parking Garages. built in 1929-30, the garage used a patented automatic parking system in which an electrical “parking machine” engaged cars by their rear axles and towed them from the elevator platform to parking spots.  As the use of automobiles increased after the First World War, the creation of parking facilities became a necessity in urban areas as the design of garages a new field for architects.  

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