52 Riverside Drive

51 Riverside Drive

52 Riverside Drive


Date: 1925-26

NB Number: NB 719-1925

Type:  Apartment Building

Architect:  Deutsch & Schneider

Developer/Owner/Builder: Thompson Contr. & Const. Co.

NYC Landmarks Designation:  Historic District

Landmark Designation Report: Addendum to the West End-Collegiate Historic District Extension Designation Report

National Register Designation: N/A

Primary Style:  Renaissance Revival (Renaissance Revival with Spanish Colonial Revival elements)

Primary Facade:   Brick, Stone, and Terra Cotta

Stories: 15

Historic District: West End-Collegiate HD Extension

Decorative Metal Work: Below windows at the fifth, eighth, 11th and 15th stories

Significant Architectural Features: Elaborate decorative polychrome terra-cotta surrounds at entrance door and center windows at third and 13th stories; decorative stone planters at first story.

Alterations: Basement windows sealed with infill; historic six-over-one double-hung wood windows replaced except at the second story; cameras and light fixtures at either end of first  story all with exposed conduit.

Building Notes: Two light fixtures by entrance may be historic. Matching terra-cotta ornament can be seen on 243 West End Avenue (Emery Roth, 1924).

Site Features: Granite steps and historic railings at basement entrance

West Facade: Designed (historic)
Door(s): Historic primary door; non-historic door at basement
Windows: Mixed (upper stories); replaced (basement)
Security Grilles: Historic (basement)
Sidewalk Material(s): Concrete
Curb Material(s): Concrete

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