56 West 66th Street (First Battery Armory)

56 West 66th Street (First Battery Armory)


Date: 1901-03

NB Number: 

Type:  Armory

Architect:  Horgan & Slattery

Developer/Owner/Builder: New York City Armory Board

NYC Landmarks Designation:  Individual Landmark

Landmark Designation Report: First Battery Armory. This is the seventh of ten armories built by New York City Armory Board as part of a general campaign to control rioting workers in industrial cities; From 1913 to 1973, the Armory was occupied by the 102nd Medical Battalion and its predecessors; Since 1976, it has been used as a television studio by Capital Cities/ABC

National Register Designation: #13000028

Primary Style:  Beaux-Arts, Georgian Revival, Medieval Revival, and Romanesque Revival

Primary Facade:   Brick and Granite

Stories: 3 stories with basement

Window Type: One-over-one sash, double-hung/Wood; original loopholes (window slits) were open but are now glazed; window arches have deep reveals; skylights in roof

Structure: Cast iron columns, steel girders, reinforced concrete floors, self-supporting brick walls, and steel trussed roof (Fireproof)

Historic District: Upper West Side - Central Park West HD

Wish List: 


Wall surfaces on east side and narrow strip on west side tiled in checker pattern to match brick front (originally undecorated and hidden from view); new aluminum and glass doorway in the central entry; metal rolldown doors at the side entries; unobtrusive new door cut within the width of an existing window on the east side of facade (this required a bridge over the areaway and a modification of the fence)

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