Community Board 7’s Charter Revision Commission has issued a Resolution following its review of the Commissions’ recommendations.  LW! will be weighing in on this matter as well as it affects many aspects of UWS quality of life, development, preservation and planning.  Read on for their resolution:


Community Board 7/Manhattan Charter Revision Task Force


Testimony for the Charter Revision Commission

BACKGROUND:  The 2019 Charter Revision Commission was created by Local Law 91, passed by the New York City Council on April 11, 2018.  Community Board 7/Manhattan appointed a Task Force to study the Charter and make recommendations.  This was done in the summer of 2018.  The Charter Revision Commission’s staff published their preliminary report in April 2019 where they made “recommendations to the Commission concerning ideas and proposals that should be further explored and about which addition public feedback should be sought.”

  1. ULURP (Uniform Land Use Review Process):  Provide for pre-certification notification to local Community Board of proposed ULURP  items at least 60 days prior to certification. Do not count the month of August in the 60 day period for Board review during ULURP.

Rationale:  The proposal will allow meaningful input at the Community level before the ULURP item is finalized.  Community Boards are not required to meet in August and this will enable the Boards to meet the time constraints.

2.  BOARD OF STANDARDS AND APPEALS (BSA): Provide that when the BSA rejects a resolution of an affected Community Board on any matter, the BSA must put their rationale in writing for the Community Board.

Rationale: This proposal ensures that the Community Board’s input will be considered by the BSA

3.  DEPARTMENT OF BUILDINGS (DOB): Provide that applications for building permits on projects in excess of 100,000 square feet 1) must be reviewed by a certified city planner at the buildings department; and 2) forwarded to the affected Community Board at least two weeks prior to approval.

Rationale: The proposal is intended to avoid repeat of recent instances in which DOB either overlooked or misinterpreted aspects of the Zoning Resolution.

4.  197-A COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PLANS: Provide that where a Community Board requests assistance in drafting a 197-A plan or a Zoning Resolution amendment the City Planning Department must provide reasonable technical assistance.

Rationale: This proposal is intended to make 197-A a meaningful vehicle for planning at the Community Board level.

5.  COMPREHENSIVE PLAN:  The multiple reports and plans including sustainability, City Strategic Policy Statement, 10-year Capital Strategy, Statement of District Needs, Citywide Statement of Needs,  Long Term Sustainability Plans, etc need to be organized in one searchable, relatable, consistent and accessible on-line catalogue.

Rationale: Community Boards and residents will be able to use them for more effective planning for their community.

6.  EDUCATION:  NYC PANEL FOR EDUCATIONAL POLICY members should meet strict qualifications and accountability.

Rationale: This will ensure that the Panel members have the necessary skills to function effectively.

7.  BUDGET:  If the Mayor determines after the Budget is adopted that there is a deficit, the Mayor must resubmit to the City Council and does not have the right of a universal impoundment.

Rationale: This provision maintains a balance of fiscal responsibility

8.  BOROUGH PRESIDENTS’ BUDGETS: Provide independent budget for each Borough President.

Rationale:  Maintains the independence of the Borough Presidents

Task Force Members in favor: 8:0:0:0

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