Current Status: Completed

Empire State Building Vital Stats

Address: 338 Fifth Avenue (Community Board 5)

Type: Commercial & Office Building

Name: Empire State Building 

Construction: Begun March 17, 1930, Completed April, 1931; Officially opened May 1, 1931 when president Herbert Hoover pressed a button in the White House to turn on the lights. 

Design Architect: William Lamb of Shreve, Lamb and Harmon

Executive Architect: __

Structural Engineer: Homer Gage Balcom

Developer: Empire State Inc., incl. John J. Raskob and Al Smith

Builder:Starrett Brothers and Eken

Height: 1,454 feet (1,453 feet, 8 9/16th inches) or 443.2m to top of lightning rod; 102 Stories. 
– To 86th Floor Observatory: 1,050 feet 
– To 102nd Floor Observatory: 1,250 feet
– 102nd Floor to tip: 230 feet

Total Construction Floor Area: 2,248,355 square feet; 208,879 square meters

Site Area: 79,288 square feet; 7,240 square meters

Density: __

Filed prior to July 2009, there are no Zoning Diagrams scanned for this project.

Superlatives: The Empire State Building is the tallest LEED-certified building in the United States. 

The Empire State Building is the only building in New York to twice hold the title of the tallest building in the state. 

Loopholes Exploited:

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CITY Support!

CITY Support!

Local, City and State Electeds write in support of the 10 West 66th Street Corporation and LANDMARK WEST! zoning challenge against 36 West 66th Street. Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, City Councilmember Helen Rosenthal, Assembly Member Richard M. Gottfried...

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984′ and Counting

984′ and Counting

The definition of SuperTall has "grown" as the sky is, increasingly no longer the limit.  SHoP Architects has just passed the threshold into the SuperTall Club.  DEZEEN (linked) writes that 111 West 57th Street, the 43-foot wide plot will rise 1,421 feet toward the...

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