Appeal Filed by LANDMARK WEST! with the Board of Standards and Appeals May 13, 2019

The Statement of Facts submitted by Landmark West’s lawyers was supported by the following documents:

Zoning Map
Exhibit A: CPC Report N 940127(A), dated December 20, 1993
Exhibit A-1: CPC Report N 940013(A) ZRM, at 3 (Dec. 20, 1993)
Exhibit B: Dept of City Planning, Special Lincoln Square District Zoning Review (May 1993)
Exhibit C: Extell’s 2019 Zoning Diagram, approved April 4, 2019
Exhibit D: ZD1 Zoning Diagram, filed Nov. 24, 2015, approved October 24, 2016
Exhibit E: Betsy Kim, “Richard and Jon Kalikow Say What They’re Really Thinking,”, dated Feb. 20, 2018
Exhibit F: The Zoning Challenge and DOB’s denial, in document called a “ZRD2
Exhibit G: Karnovsky memo December 18 2017
Exhibit H: Prior Filing
Exhibit H-1: Prior Filing pt. 2
Exhibit I: Notice of Intent to Revoke, dated January 14, 2019
Exhibit J: Work Permit Number 121190200-01-NB, issued for the address 36 West 66th Street, New York County, on April 11, 2019
Exhibit K: Dept of City Planning, Residential Mechanical Voids Findings, dated Apr. 2018, updated Feb. 2019
Exhibit L: Dept of City Planning-Regulating Residential Towers and Plazas
Exhibit M: 2019 Residential Tower Mechanical Voids Amendment
Exhibit N: Schematic Side-by-Side Comparison of Mechanical Spaces in Structures exhibits in 2018 and 2019 ZD1 filings
Exhibit O: Copy of BSA Decision in Matter of Chaya Schron and Eli Schron, BSA Cal, No. 14-11-A
Exhibit P: Copy of BSA Decision Matter of Benjamin Shaul, Magnum Management, BSA Cal. No. 67-07-A
Exhibit Q: Joe Anuta-City Wants to Cut Down Supertalls – Crain’s NY

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