Satu Ferentz, LMT outside 133 West 72nd Street

By Claudie Benjamin

When considering massage for stress or pain relief, it makes sense that the cause of discomfort may be more complex than you think.  Yes, an experienced massage therapist like Satu Ferentz, LMT, knows where to and how to press on an aching shoulder, neck or hip in a way that improves circulation and makes it feel better.  But, Satu also knows—and most clients are quick to recognize—that chronic pain is entwined with some degree of emotion or trauma: “the body remembers injuries even if you do not,” she explains. This means that recognizing the source of your pain may be essential for long-term relief.

Based at 133 West 72nd Street, Satu draws on nearly 40 years of experience in her work. Treating clients with more traditional massage, like Swedish, provides a soothing, relaxing pace, which lets the nervous system relax and switch from stress mode to rest and digest, thus allowing a person to ‘reset’.

She also employs other modalities such as Shiatsu and Myofascial Release to free more subtle tensions beyond the improvement of circulation of blood and lymph.

From a Finnish family, she considers massage to be a part of her cultural heritage.  Unlike in most American families, she explained that it was normal for “my parents to massage me, and for me to massage them.”

She first entered the profession almost 40 years ago, travelling to study Shiatsu in Boston and then at the Swedish Institute, in NYC.  She has also studied with Jill Leigh at the Energy Healing Institute in Portland, Oregon, exploring how to work more with the body/mind connection.

Satu sees her clients in a calm, quiet treatment room.  She herself is a forthright and calming presence.  She is attentive, observes and listens.  As a person who follows a meditation regimen, she is focused both inwardly and outwardly.  You sense she cares.  And isn’t that what anyone with an aching shoulder or neck pain wants?  Someone who cares and knows how to make the pain go away.

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