As West Side Rag wrote, “A project like this … reminds people that landmarking is a way to hold on to things you care about.”
We’re thrilled at the positive reception our “Playtime in Central Park” photo series has had, and for the terrific participation from our friends and followers!  Already, you’ve seen Susy N.’s great photos of pups in the park.  Lucky for us–and for you!–we have more from her to share.  A great way to end the week, with a puppy serenade from Belvedere Castle (get it? ’cause they look like they’re harmonizing in the chorus!).

Adorable yellow lab and American Eskimo puppies playing.
Belvedere Castle, 2001.

Having worked up a thirst, the “Adorable yellow lab and
American Eskimo puppies” enjoy some H20.
Belvedere Castle, 2001.

Susy & Michael’s dog “Mika, a Rhodesian Ridgeback,
loved to go to the handball court and play ball”.
The handball court in Central Park, 1997.
The blog series will continue for about another week, so start rummaging through your photo albums and boxes, see what memories you can turn up, and share them for publishing here!
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