Head in the Clouds?

LANDMARK WEST! attended this morning’s review session at the Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA) regarding a development proposal for the former Lincoln Square Synagogue site at 200 Amsterdam Avenue.

As noted, this development is slated to rise 668-feet high.  The 52-story luxury residential condominium tower would stand cornice-to-cornice with a typical 66-story midtown office tower.

Although we previously outlined the Department of Building (DOB)’s own about- face on these permits, the BSA is yet to be convinced.

Tomorrow they will continue their hearing and evaluate four key areas:

1) What is a lot of record?  Are zoning lots and tax lots the same? 
2) If interpretation of meaning of ‘zoning lots’ should change, should the application be prospective (meaning from this point forward), or prospective and retroactive (thus applying to 200 Amsterdam as well)?
3) Was the open space properly calculated? 
4) Is it legal to have residents of 170 West End Avenue parking in the rear lot of 200 Amsterdam Avenue? (i.e. can one building’s parking lot count as another building’s rear yard?)

Will the BSA see the light? 
Tuesday, JUNE 5th! at The Board of Standards and Appeals 
Hear opposition and applicant testimony and add your own voice!
CITE from our linked precedents,
COMMEND the DOB for seeing the light, and
DEFEND our neighborhood!

The session begins at 10am and the full schedule will be released in the coming week.  The hearing will be held in Spector Hall at 22 Reade Street near City Hall.  (Seating is limited and the building has a security screening process, so plan accordingly!)
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