Interested in a virtual Keeping the Past for the Future program with your class?

Landmark West! is here to support our partner teachers and schools as we learn online for the remainder of the 2019/20 school year. Our own personal experiences tell us that as try as we might, we are not able to duplicate the classroom experience at home – but we can add to it, and we’re here to help!

We have already adapted many of our programs to online content, and now we are offering virtual programs for your classroom.

Check out our short video recorded with PS 75 as we started our much loved Building Detectives program with one of their 3rd grade classes:

Click here for a longer version.

[Please note we edited both videos to exclude students faces and identifying information. They give you a brief overview of how the program can work virtually. The program was conducted via Google Meet and students used both the mute and chat functions throughout. ]

“Our virtual Building Detectives session with Shannon was so successful. My students were engaged for the whole hour (amazing!) and it worked so smoothly over Google Meet with Shannon sharing photos and even doing a live brownstone drawing for us. We used the Google Meet chat function together as a class to complete the Building Facade worksheet collaboratively. Looking forward to our virtual walk next week!”

3rd grade teacher, PS 75

We would love to help you create new and engaging experiences for your students during this time. Want to talk about virtual KPF@Home programs? Simply email Shannon to get started.

KPF and KPF@Home is made possible by the contributions of Council Members Helen Rosenthal and Mark Levine, as well as the New York State Council of the Arts (NYSCA) and the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA). With their support, Landmark West’s KPF program offers a suite of seven 3-part courses aligned with the NYC Core Curriculum in Upper West Side public schools for free¬†every year.


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