Photo of Salli Subryan and daughter VivianaBy Claudie Benjamin

Who doesn’t want to look and feel great? A great haircut, skilled styling, and maintenance are all part of the equation for an outstanding result, according to Salli Subryan. Her salon, Salli B., at 250 West 88th Street, is spacious, offering privacy and a very upbeat, welcoming, supportive mood. The styling team has worked with Salli for over 20 years. They were all connected with another salon and then came along with Salli when she opened her own Upper West Side business in July 2022. The mood is warm, welcoming, and elegantly simple without affectation.

When asked how her salon stands out, Salli is as proud of her expertise in cutting and coloring hair as she knows that at 46, she is a role model for younger women who dream of opening and succeeding in their own businesses. “Look how far I’ve come,” said Salli, an Indian from Guyana who immigrated to the United States at age 21. “Running a business is challenging and a huge amount of work,” she explained. She works five days a week, sometimes staying late at night to clean up with her husband, who works 12-14 hours daily at a power plant. They have two children, a boy and a girl. “I feel like I’m always working,” said Salli, joyful that all the hard work is paying off.

Forthright, in expressing appreciation for the diversity of the Upper West Side, Salli talked about the importance of inclusiveness.

Her thinking about haircuts and treatments offered at the salon as a proper neighborhood environment is illustrated by the varied needs and wishes of her clients, who range in age from two to 94. On a Friday afternoon, she had just finished styling the short hair of a 92-year-old she’d known for two decades. She comes in once a week for a blowout,” said Salli.  Other clients, many in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, opt for long hair with tumbling curls. “It’s a style that makes them look and feel younger,” said Salli.

These days, hair trends are constantly changing, much like fashion trends. ” For some people, the 80s styles rock; for others, the 90s rock.” Today, Balayage, a style of coloring that leaves roots exposed, is trending. For herself, Salli said,” I keep changing. I’m a hairstylist. So, I will do that.”

Pictured Above, Salli and her daughter Viviana.

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