At LW!, education is key.  Be it through walking tours, slide lectures, building research “how-to”s, design assistance, or our award-winning youth education program Keeping the Past for the Futuresharing and celebrating the history and richness of the Upper West Side with our friends and neighbors is central to our mission.

Throughout the year, we welcome to our team a small handful of interns.  Many are current graduate students (like guest blogger Kate Gilmore), learning the preservation, planning and advocacy ropes “on the ground”.  More recently, we’ve added to our ranks high school-aged interns from the Williamsburg High School for Architecture and Design.

Working with these students has been a tremendous experience for interns and LW! staff alike!  In addition to helping with “behind the scenes” projects, like updating our Online Buildings Database or taking photos, we’ve encouraged our WHSAD interns to engage with our membership right here on our blog.  2011 intern Ingrid partnered with Kate G. and wrote some of her own, original content — check it out!

We’re looking forward to meeting and working with more WHSAD interns in 2012 and can’t say enough great things about the program.  In addition to LW!, organizations like the World Monuments Fund, A. Ottavino Corp. Stoneworks, Historic House Trust, Park Avenue Armory, and Green-Wood Cemetery have opened their doors to these impressive students.  

But, as the expression goes, don’t take our word for it.  Check out the video below, featuring WHSAD interns (including our very own Ingrid!) in the field and in action.

Interested in partnering with WHSAD and hosting and intern?  We’re happy to put you in touch; just email us!
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