LANDMARK WEST! is pleased to present THE BOULEVARD with our partners at the WEST END PRESERVATION SOCIETY.

West End Avenue

The only avenue whose entire expanse lies within the Upper West Side, this thoroughfare was so much a part of the Upper West Side that they even named it after the neighborhood’s former moniker, the West End.  Beginning at 72nd Street (the neighborhood’s historic starting point– parts south were “Lincoln Square”) West End Avenue renamed 35-blocks of eleventh avenue between West 72nd Street and West 107th Street where it merges into Broadway, The Boulevard after Straus Park

Our Social History research of West End Avenue is only beginning!  We update these histories as we have upcoming Landmarks Preservation Commission C of A’s or other research priorities.  Click on the corresponding icons below to learn more about the featured addresses.

Don’t see the address you are looking for?  Please write to if you would like to sponsor the research for additional sites.

Special thanks to Tom Miller and Megan Fitzpatrick, who helped make this project possible.

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